About Us

Our mission

Teqless.com is the successor of heavy-war.net – it’s a passion project brought to life by a team of dedicated individuals with a deep love for the game. Our journey began with a simple idea: to revive the legendary MineWar gamemode and give it the modern treatment it deserves.

Driven by our shared enthusiasm for Minecraft and its vibrant community, we’ve assembled a team of experienced players, builders, and developers, each bringing their unique talents to the table. Together, we’ve poured countless hours into crafting an experience that captures the essence of MineWar while elevating it to new heights.

What sets Teqless.com apart is our commitment to quality and innovation. Our server is powered by custom plugins meticulously designed to enhance gameplay and ensure a seamless experience for all players. Every map you encounter on Teqless.com is a labor of love, created by our team of passionate builders and developers who pour their creativity into every block.



Custom Code

A huge part of our systems and plugins are custom made to provide optimal perfomance, security and unique experience.

Staff Members

Our Management is highly experienced and has lead or been part of huge networks before.


On this server you will only find games you won’t find on other servers.

Lines of code

Staff Members



What MC Version does Teqless use?

As of now we are using 1.20.4

Will there be more gamemodes than MineWar?

At release there will be only MineWar, depending on the demand more gamemodes will be created and released

Is the Server already released, if so whats the IP?

We are still working on the server, if its ready you can connect using eu.teqless.com

I have a gamemode idea or know an old gamemode no one has, can it be created?

Feel free to make a suggestion at our forums. New Ideas and suggestions to improve current gamemodes or new gamemodes are always highly welcome

We are looking for you!

We are still looking for passionate people in almost all categories!

Apply now!